Steel FramEd AluminuM Modular Shields


General Information

Pacific Shoring’s Steel Framed Aluminum Shield is more than just your standard trench shield. This shield is designed to be compatible with adjustable spreaders, hydraulic struts, and even aluminum modular panels, making this a fully modular shield. Aluminum Corner posts easily pin to the steel channels, allowing for a 3-sided or 4 sided configuration.

The shield walls are made of 3’’ thick extruded aluminum panels that are framed with high tensile steel for added durability and strength. These hybrid shields are available in a full range of sizes and are ideal for light utility installations and municipalities who require durability and depth yet desire a lightweight trench shield that can be moved with a small excavator.

Pacific Shoring’s Steel Framed Aluminum Modular Shields are certified by a registered Professional Engineer and are designed to meet or exceed OSHA safety requirements. Pacific Shoring’s Trench Shields are built to last, when you are down in the trench, choose the brand that you can rely on.